Noise problem

Shock absorber can be found underneath the compressor to reduce the vibration and noise of the condenser.

Over the year the absorber may hardened or melt due to harsh environmental condition. When the absorber wear off the base of the compressor will touches the base of the condenser, which cause loud noise when we switch on the aircon.

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Airon not cold (faulty electrical component)

When we switch on the indoor aircon a signal is send to the condenser. The magnetic contactor will then allow high current and voltage to pass through to activate the compressor and fan.

In the event that the magnetic contactor is faulty, the compressor will not be able to function properly thus causing the aircon to blow warm air.

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Power Trip

Poorly maintain condenser might not be able to discharge heat. When the compressor temperature rises above 150’C the overload relay will automatically cut out power supply causing power trip to happen.

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Over Heat

The fan within the condenser act as the main cooling device, by gathering the hot air in the condenser and discharging it out reducing temperature within.

When the fan motor is faulty temperature within the condenser will rise.Puting the compressor at risk of breaking down.

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Sudden Spike Of Electrical Bill

Air conditioner that runs efficiently is generally more cost effective than those that are having issues. It takes more energy and power to operate the malfunction air-conditioner and this will definitely reflects in your monthly utility bills.

A powered air conditional tends to accumulate dust and dirt in areas like the air filters and condensing coils. This reduced its operation efficiency resulting in longer duration to cool your home and higher operation cost. Cooling your home with a dust filled air conditioner can take up to twice as long as a clean unit.

Generally a poorly maintained air conditional could use 10 – 20% more energy and have a shorter lifespan. Normal compressor last on average 5 – 8 years and with proper maintenance, the number increases significantly.

Water Leaking

There are many reasons to why water drips from your airconditional unit and the most common causes of water leakage are the following :

1. The drainage pipe use to remove the condensed water is clogged with dirt and bacterial biofilm

2. Icing issues, water being de-humidified can turn into ice if there is problem with the cooling system.

3. Improper installation, no proper gradient for the drainage pipe

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Aircon Unable To On

Try replacing the batteries of the remote control to brand new ones. If it still doesn’t work, it could be that the remote is faulty. To get your system working without a working remote, lift the aircon flap and use the tip of a pen to press the ON/OFF button to the right. If this fails, it means that power supply to your unit is cut off, or that there is an issue with the electrical cables within your aircon.

Noise problem

May cause by the follow issues.

Blower fan clogged with dirt and mold causing vibration when turning

Choked fan coil also obstructs the airflow causing noise problem

Other pressing issues include a hardened motor cushion, faulty fan motor bearings, defective aluminum fan coils and abnormal gas pressure.

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Aircon Blow Warm Air

There are many reasons to your home air conditional blowing warm air instead of the usual cool air. 1. Low refrigerant gas level 2. Faulty thermistor/compressor, 3. Wear off wiring. Either of the issue mention above will result in the malfunction of the condensing unit affecting the indoor unit as a whole.

Swing blade not workng

A Inadequate maintain aircon will cause it to not function properly and this causes frustrastrion to the users. Overflowing of water leakage might damange electrical components during the process and the closest electrical parts being the swing motor will definately be the first to be affected.

Foul Smell from my aircon air

Your cooling unit draws in air from the outside environment. Cigarette odours and air pollution can be discharged together with the airflow.
It could also be because of mold and bacteria accumulated within the unit, which can lead to serious health problems. Mold often grows in damp, dark and warm places.

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Copper Pipe Leakage

Pipe leakage and corrosion is often due to acid build-up within the gas system or damage to the flare joints. Replacing the damaged portion of the copper pipe can only temporary solve the issue.

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We pride ourselves on delivering desired results with our vast experience and knowledge. Working conscientiously at our in-house workshop, it’s our duty to fix your system problems instantly.

If you need an immediate replacement, we have available stock in store to shorten downtime.

Scope of work
  • Dismantle of fault components
  • Send to workshop for investigation
  • Finalise repair cost after investigation
  • Carry out repair work upon confirmation
  • In-house testing and commission unit
  • 90 day warranty on part(s) replaced